About us


This company started to work in November 2004 with the aim of providing safe and comfortable structures and executed more than one unit including 9 business, office and residential projects.

Pour Davoud Structure Road and Construction Company decided from 2011, after changing the head manager, tries to use valuable experiences of Mr Hojjat Pour Ali using expert and professional personnel and technology and up-to-date constructing knowledge in order to maintain solidarity and comfort of families and provide stable coordination between residents and residences.

We believe that continuous control of the stages of installation and execution is one of the most important bases of this industry together with using the best and most up-to-date facilities and materials in public and private spaces of each residence.

In all the steps of design and execution of Pour Davoud project 10 as the first constructing project after changes in management, we tried to use a different approach in order to create deeper view to family’s culture and change the architectural structure of the city. We hope that it starts a way in order to create happy spaces and views all around our country.

It must be noted that, not only using experts and technicians of electronics and installations along with professional masters of tailing work and artists in coloring and wood in designing and executing all the projects are main parameters of this company, but also other factors of executing including Building craftsmen, workers and guards are used among the bests.